Movie Review Recap 3/22/13

I haven’t kept up with my movie review rant posts so I had some down time and thought I’d express my opinions on some recent movies, some not so recent movies and my Oscar nominated faves!

Life of Pi was my all-time favorite movie of the year. Hands down! Even though I’m a female, I enjoy movies of all genres so I think my opinions are pretty fair and unbiased when it comes to that sorta stuff. I think this movie is particularly special because it has something for everyone and the message is beautiful. There are about half-a-handful of movies that have had an impact on my soul and this one is one of them. Beautiful scenery, flawless CGI, and a heartbreaking but simultaneously motivational/inspirational story. 5/5 Stars.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone was my most recent movie experience. Just saw it the other day and I went in with low expectations knowing the reviews that it was getting, and expecting a silly movie to kill time. The funny parts were hilarious, but the rest was too predictable and flat. Steve Carell is one of my favorite comedians, but I just don’t see him as a self absorbed asshole (something that the trailer doesn’t tell you about his character). The cast is pretty great, but I think they knew how the movie was going to be received so they didn’t really try too hard (aside from Buscemi and Carrey). Arkin barely even ACTED. Carrey’s closing trick/act, which I was expecting to be side-splitting, was actually the LEAST funniest part of the entire movie. Kind of a let down seeing as the rest of his scenes were pretty hilarious (coming from an avid Carrey disliker). It’s a good movie to watch when you need to kill some time or to relax your brain, but don’t waste money on a theatre ticket. 2/5 Stars.

Les Miserables is groundbreaking for movie musicals. The cast is absolutely phenomenal whether or not you enjoy their singing. The breaking of the 4th wall created some heavy depth and the way they emoted through their voices and eyes pierced my heart. I definitely cried quite a bit. It was heartbreaking! There is very little absence of singing which was sometimes tiring, but otherwise I truly enjoyed this remake and can’t wait to download the soundtrack! Oh and let’s not forget to mention the fantastic comedic-relief duo of Sasha and Helena! They were much needed amidst all of the heartbreak. [PS. Does anyone else think of John Travolta’s pronunciation every time they hear this title now?! Haha!] 4.5/5 Stars.

Zero Dark Thirty was deserving of more Oscar buzz and awards. Chastain should’ve taken that best actress trophy home (though I loved JLaw!). It’s an Argo-type thriller though I enjoyed this movie far more. It serves an important role in women’s empowerment and role in our world which is a separate aspect of the movie. Aside from that, it was recreated perfectly to my knowledge and I thought it was brave of them to include the brutality. This is a moment in our lives that should never be forgotten and the story of the people behind the events is not one we’re too familiar with. This was a perspective that was exciting and emotional and eye-opening. If you can handle it, definitely watch it. I think everyone should. 4/5 Stars.

Argo I actually saw way before the above movie, but as I mentioned previously, I didn’t enjoy it as much. Definitely don’t think it deserved best picture… In any of the award shows (and I can defend why as well as explain to you why it won… conspiracies y’all!) but it was an enjoyable flick that was extremely historically accurate and built up suspense and thrill even though we were all aware of the outcome. 4/5 Stars.

The Hobbit was just an unnecessary movie to make or to watch. While it was entertaining to LOOK AT for the most part, it was way too long, kind of ridiculous, and the CGI was not that great. The part I was looking forward to was the part with the Smeagol and it definitely met my expectations in that aspect. However, those 10 minutes were not worth the 2+ hours I spent waiting for the movie to end. Can’t believe there’s gonna be more… 2.5/5 Stars.

Oz the Great and Powerful didn’t work on me simply because I came in with too-high expectations. The 3D, scenery, special effects/CGI was fun, vibrant and colorful, however the storyline is somewhat boring and drawn out. I love me some Franco and Kunis is one of my girl crushes (gotta love and support my sexy Russian sistas) and they delivered in their roles, which I thought were pretty out of their elements. Some people think they were mis-cast but I disagree. It just wasn’t a great story so their acting kinda contributes to that, in my opinion. Fun for the family, and the yung’ins or maybe for some weekend fun, but you can definitely wait to watch it out-of-theatres. I hear it was pretty great in IMAX 3D though I only saw it in regular 3D. 3/5 Stars.

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